Why recycling indirectly….


…. if it can be done DIRECTLY ?



The challenge

Conventional recycling of paper uses up a lot of energy and water. Even bleaching agents and fresh fibres of wood are required for the production of recycled paper. In our opinion it is not necessary!

The solution

Our D!REKTRECYCLING, i.e. reutilization of used paper products without detour. We take used paper as it is: bill posters, calendars, map, and industrial papers and so on…and process it into marvellous envelopes and other paper products.

The product

Conventional recycling is good. D!REKTRECYCLING is better. Because it shows that recycled paper does absolutely not have to be completely grey! Quite the reverse- our D!REKTRECYCLING combines the advantage of environmental conservation and the advantage of attractiveness of the product.


  • saving of water : 100 %
  • saving of bleaching agents : 100 %
  • saving of energy : more than 95 %
  • saving of fresh fibres of wood : 100 %
  • saving of binding agents: 100%
  • attractive paper products

    The ecologically most beneficial paper products made of used paper!